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Noun: the amalgamation of "stress" and "session";

A period of time spent stressing about a subject, task, event or occurance, usually ended by a revelation about the subject, task, event or occurance which means you needed not stress as much.
Dude, I totally forgot about that assignment I had to do. Had a stression in my room until I remembered we don't have Jenkins till Wednesday!

Friend 1: I think I knocked up my girlfriend...
Friend 2: Hmmmm, perhaps a stression is in order?
by PeppersRUs October 31, 2010

Words related to stression

The stress that is caused by extremely tense situations that could blow up at any moment.
Micheal has to tell his Dad that he just crashed his BMW and was under the influence. Major stression.
by Mr TeaPot798 November 02, 2010