(n.) Person who is faithful to the process of snorting cocaine. Someone who uses the inhalation of cocaine as the sole purpose of getting high.
With the packet in my pocket, the good stuff, I could only think of her, sitting at home anxiously awaiting my arival like a real straw dog.
by William Bouchie August 30, 2011
A scientific research dog
Beagles used to train surgeons and veterinarians to operate on people and other people's dogs are straw dogs. Victims of vivisection, straw dogs are often euthanized after their usefulness has transpired.
by swgustafson October 22, 2008
a word that you interject anytime that you don't know what word to use, but want to make it sound like you're smart.
I listened to that speech on nuclear physics, but the guys whole theory seemed like a straw dog compared to other theorys.
by bread infection January 01, 2006
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