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A filthy, run-down house filled with strappers. Plaster, spilled beer, stale cigarette smoke and asbestos abound as disreputable activities continue round-the-clock. A place where drunken, destructive assholes can congregate with like-minded strappers and drink until they spew, then continue drinking. A crack house - crack + acid + mushrooms + speed + DMT + shitty weed + heady nugs. The sort of place where you party real, real hard, with burn marks on everything and graffiti genitalia drawn all over the walls. A nasty ass basement to jam in. We've all heard some fantastic music played here. Percy used to chill here all the time. If Four Loko was a house, this would be it.

If you're lucky, your strap house has a huge abandoned Masonic temple next door.
We got really wasted on four loko the other night over at fuckin straptown and dropped acid at 3 AM on a weekday then we went in the temple and tripped over a dead hooker and bled to death on all the broken glass. Then we went back to the bonfire out back & took more acid. Fuckin strap house.
by Lester the Bum April 15, 2011