a moron making an idiot of himself by saying or doing somthing really moronic
damn that jive motha fucka is straight trippin hittin on my girl
by ben speary September 14, 2003
Your not getting straight to the point; Telling lies;
When you said that I haven't paid my child support, you were straight up trippin'!
by Morgan Witt September 13, 2003
what my hard drive is doing right now
Them spybot's is mad stupid, they got my hard-drive straight trippin'
by Your Mom September 16, 2003
When one, be it bitch or muthafukka, is having aggressive or overly contrary feelings toward another.
Dat punk is straight trippin, he's gonna get served.
by Gary Coleman September 09, 2003
when someone is doing nothing but something shitty or bad.. or not cool
or just something wrong
A: Yo man check this bitch...
B: Damn homie! she be straight trippin!
by *YoBoo September 07, 2003
marquita, alejandro, jeff and anna

(see "ungrateful bastards")
americanator: you're straight trippin!!
not so legal immigrant: no, senorita. i am marquita.
americanator: exactly.
by hooked on ebonics December 01, 2009
tripping in a straight line
i sraight tripped forward
by k-nuts September 16, 2003

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