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Referring to the appearance of a woman who has absolutely nothing to offer in the chest. A woman who is Straight up and down like six o clock looks exactly like what the term implies---there are no boobs to break up the straight line appearance when you look at her from top to bottom. Most prominent when viewed from the side.
"Man did you see that chick?"

"Yeah....she is OK but she has no tits..."

"Yeah I know what you mean....she's straight up and down like 6 o clock!"
by supremehighlander July 20, 2006

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down fo real hella real im serious no lie not lyin o'clock six straight tits up
i am dead az serious
keya: dat nigga hella sexy
jasmine: he iight
keya: yo gurl im straight up and down like 6 o clock
jasmine: iight wateva,nigga
by KPz_FiNezT November 10, 2006