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A decision made by one member of a group when there is a lot of indecisiveness between a group of friends on their next move. It often comes when the zero-hour to make a move is near or has already passed. In an effort to prevent a lame time someone presses a decision past the zero-hour to salvage the day, night or "situation".

When announced the decision is not discussed and action is taken immediately by the group to make the decision a reality. The decision is always preceded with the statement "Alright I'm about to make a straight gangster decision..."

If you have any doubt people will not follow your decision keep your mouth shut, clearly you are not any type of leader.
Alright I'm about to make a straight gangster decision... everyone get fuckin' dressed and we're driving into the City to get fucked up and grind up on bitches even if they don't want it
by jbforreal December 27, 2010
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