Stoopid is a word which can define the good quality of something.In a way like sick or ill,but mainly used for something more amazing or cool
(mainly use to describe the good of something not the bad)

The word origins come from the rapper Gucci Mane from his song "Stoopid"

Example 1#
Mj - Yo man i just got these new 24s inch rimz on my car!
Dj- Damn man them rimz stoopid!

Example 2#
A car with 18 inch rims would be considered sick or ill

A car with 24 inch rims would be considered stoopid

Example 3#
Guy1 - Did you guys notice my new watch,cost me 2 grand
Guy2 - Wow your such a showoff man.
Guy3 - True, but im not going to hate that watch is pretty damn stoopid
by Damian O April 14, 2009
a stupid way of spelling stupid.
Dont use the word stoopid, it is only for stupid people, unless u r stupid
by yinks April 02, 2005
Lacking intelect;
Having lower intelect then STUPID;
Acceptional quality;
That n00b is so stoopid; Optima Online is STOOPID fast!
by den March 26, 2003
1) Beneath the intellect of even those who went to see "Dumb and Dumberer"

2) Lacking the common sense God (or Whatever) gave Grapenuts(TM).
"There's a stoopid ho at the counter asking me how long a six inch sub bun is...can I kill her?"
by Grundo April 18, 2003
Someone who is stupid
Andrew is stoopid. He's fucking his own mother.
by Daiz April 12, 2003
Stoopid: adjective- meaning to be really cool or awesome

This meaning came from many rap song and the meaning flowed to the streets where it became an extreme compliment
Man did you see that lambo it was stoopid!
by cow tippin bastard May 25, 2009
up to social standards, socialy acceptable. Synonyms (see quilt)
I liberated a stoopid waffle last night.
by Shmooie Bueno April 12, 2003
A verb that describes people who intentionally misspell the word "stupid".
"Stoopid" is the stupid way of spelling "stupid
by Dapper Dan February 28, 2005
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