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Stoners Live
And Stoners Die
But In The End We All Get High.
So If In Life
You Don't Succeed,
Fuck This Shit!
And Smoke Some Weed
yo man, yew a true stoner?
yeah bro.
gimme the stoners code.
by Blankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk December 24, 2008

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mutual agreements of all those that smoke reefer.
Such as:
1) Do not snitch
2) Do not take greens on your buddys weed
3) When taking greens, do not burn the whole bowl
4) Do not be a scavenger, if you want a hit, either throw down, or wait until you are offered one
5) When offered a hit of a spliff that is not yours, take a hit only

these are only some of the rules that must never be broken

ME: You Snitched? That's totally against stoner's code

Mike: Who cares? I'm a total dick anyways...
by The trustworthy Cheecher July 10, 2007