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Someone who happens to be gorgeous and hot.
Me: Wanna know who is a stone cold fox?
Chick: Sure.
Me: Eric fucking Halvorsen! Also known as Halvo.
by Mrs. Halvorsen July 20, 2009
Some one who is really hot or "super fine" someone who is cute or gourgous or good looking. an attractive person.
Ohh man. Andrew's a stone cold fox.
She's the stone cold fox.
by amy5 January 04, 2007

1. a woman who is confirmed to be a superfine babe
2. shannon baumgart
1. Damn, that girl at Taco John's was a stone cold fox!
2. I don't care how many STD's she has, Shannon Baumgart is a stone cold fox.
by Kyle R P August 17, 2006