Someone who happens to be gorgeous and hot.
Me: Wanna know who is a stone cold fox?
Chick: Sure.
Me: Eric fucking Halvorsen! Also known as Halvo.
by Mrs. Halvorsen July 20, 2009
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Some one who is really hot or "super fine" someone who is cute or gourgous or good looking. an attractive person.
Ohh man. Andrew's a stone cold fox.
She's the stone cold fox.
by amy5 January 04, 2007

1. a woman who is confirmed to be a superfine babe
2. shannon baumgart
1. Damn, that girl at Taco John's was a stone cold fox!
2. I don't care how many STD's she has, Shannon Baumgart is a stone cold fox.
by Kyle R P August 17, 2006

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