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A person who smokes multiple bowls and then goes to get 10 Double Chees from McDonald's
Clay is such a stone bag.
by chipwhich November 18, 2005
Someone who has surpassed the levels of being stoned and reduced their mental capacity to almost nothing.

Often the term is used upon once smoking up and lacking intelligence soon thereafter.
1. Stonebags Unite!

2. Yo did you remember to grab the beers?
by LouisV May 22, 2008
StoneBag is your ball sack, nuts, cod sack, scrowdome. the sack is the bag and the stones are the nutts. combined is a stonebag
Hey ladies wants see my stonebag!
by keith kaiser August 24, 2007
stone baga word that describes the male scrotum, testicles , or nut sack.
I sliped off my bike and racked my stone bag.
by Michaelrckstdy November 16, 2005
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