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A term applied to ones general home area, or a place where one feels especially secure or safe, and knows a majority of the people there.
yo thats linden, thats my old stompin ground, son, i used to run that place

dis my stompin ground here, who da fuck are you?
by fljflkjsdf October 24, 2007
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The place where you go when you put on them airforce ones aka pop dem X pills
"im puttin on dem air force ones this weekend im goin to tha stompin ground"
by 4:20_dope_4:20 April 26, 2005
Stompin' grounds is like the neighborhood you grew up in- or an area where you hang out/party with your friends.
"The southwest side of town is my old stompin' grounds."
by amyleanne January 28, 2015

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