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1. A beat down. When someone has been thrashed in a fight. When there is no question who one a fight.

2.When one team beats another team by a large margin, can be used with any sport but most likely to be used with football.
1. person 1: Yo, did you see Eric's eye?
person 2: Yeah, they put the stomp johnson on him
person 1: It looked like 4 dudes went to his ass.
person 2: Nope, it was only 1, a pitiful stomp johnson
person 1: Yup, that's an L

2. person 1: How 'bout them Cowboys?
person 2: What about 'em?
person 1: You just mad they put the stomp johnson on the
Patriots last night.

by Douglas Teel October 23, 2007
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