To punch someone in the face without the other person having a CLUE that it's coming
Did you see that? Bob just got Stole-On!
by The OrrAcle May 06, 2010
Top Definition
beat down. Knocked to the ground without trouble.
That bitch nigga was talkin' shit and got stole on..
by Oblinnerator April 22, 2003
An african-american term for getting punched unexpectedly.
Dat nigga ray ray got stole on by ma nigga lil ray ray wen he was talkin dat shit.
by Mr. Jizzmeister September 23, 2009
It basically means they got knocked what we call the fuck out.
I stole on this girl at the park today and her ass couldn't even get up.
by LIL MZ BREEZIE (SOON 2 B) May 20, 2008
When a NTer takes it from the back.
Dirty got stole on.
by NT March 08, 2004
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