stupid idiot; someone who is acting or may actually be very dumb
casey just asked me who the president of the United States was, what a STIT!
#stupid idiot #flippin idiot #effing retarded #dumbshit #dumbfuck
by k-rae May 19, 2006
Top Definition
a total slut, proSTITute
gawd she is SUCH a stit
by stit September 18, 2004
Small tits, fried eggs.
"wow! shes pretty"
"bollocks, shes got stits"
by YaZoR May 06, 2003
a slang combination of both stuff and shit that's at once a simple noun and a curse.

a substitute for "things".

a PG version of shit.

often occurs as a jumble of words when one thinks too far ahead about the use of two synonyms.
Elsy, hurry up and get your stit together so we can head out.
#stuff #shit #things #items #pieces #parts
by blu3bird September 15, 2008
One of the few known sources of interweb and real world non-biblical evils.
Communism, yep Stits caused that. Word is that whole 1989 Oakland earth quake was his fault too just like STD's.
by chroner November 07, 2003
saggy tits yo. maddd long hangginggg titss mannn
yo dat grandma got some stits
#tits #stits #lits #bits #breasts
by m&t baybiee November 27, 2007
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