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Common name for a hipster that has his own startup. Most of the Stipsters come from Scandinavia and use the word social at least 15 times a day.
Your Swedish friend with the startup just said 'social' again for the fifteenth time today, he is such a stipster.
by stipsterboy July 13, 2012
A hipster who spends their whole day at Starbucks on their MacBook or ipad drinking coffee or eating a muffin. They usually are staring intently on their computer screen and will look at anyone who walks inside the store and mean mug before returning to what they are looking at.
Brad Peet: Ugh this is why I never like coming to Starbucks. There are always these annoying rude looking hipsters. We should've just went to chipotle and feast there.

Bradley Coopare: They aren't hipsters they're stipsters. Starbucks hipsters. They ruin my day too with their tude.
by antihipster1 August 10, 2013
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