A japanese
Cartoon version of Strong Bad who lives in the year 20X6

His head looks like a bean.
He has real, real big eyes.
He has no thumbs.
He's all shiny.
His boots are a whole lot cooler than Strong Bad's... Like robot boots.
His mouth is real tiny when its closed, and RIDICULOUSLY HUGE when its open.
He's thrown in space and flies around in cool poses.
Homestar Runner: Hey, Stinko Man, everyone says you're the guy, but I wanna be the guy too!
Stinko Man: No way, you're just a kid! Maybe when you're older...
by Ultrahawk June 26, 2003
Top Definition
Cute little anime-like Strongbad. Owes much of his appearance to classic anime characters like Astro Boy and modern video game characters like Mega Man. Speaks with ridiculously long sentences (and a voice that suggests bad dubbing, ala Funimation's job with Dragonball Z) and his mouth rarely matches up with what he's saying.

Also claims to be "the guy". His hobbies include accepting challenges and fighting random passers-by. Usually uses the attack "Double Deuce".
Stinkoman is awesome ^___^
by anonymous September 14, 2004
Everybody says he's the guy, but I wanna be the guy too!
No way, your just a kid...maybe when your older
by Air-ka January 10, 2004
A spoof off of the animation genre anime. The character "Stinkoman" is loosely based upon Strong Bad from www.homestarrunner.com, as any idiot will tell you. He has blue hair. He also kicks some serious ass.
I want a Stinkoman t-shirt.
by Blizzleair July 18, 2003
Strong Bad's anime character with robot shoes,blue hair,no thumbs,a bean head,and a shiny body. Enjoys challenging and fighting.
Stinkoman:Double Deuce!
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
The Japanese version of Strong Bad (Japanese=Blue hair!). He's a crime-fighting superhero if ever there was one! He lives in the year 20X6.
Oww! He spiked my eye! It hurts SOOO bad!!!
by Stiffy February 13, 2004
A fun game on homestarrunner.com, but it's really hard.
I only got past level 1.1 once.
by Bob882 April 09, 2005
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