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When one is lying stoned on the couch, and has a horny girlfriend who won't stop bugging them, the insertion of the middle three toes into the vagina while the big toe stimulates the clitoris and the small toe tickles the taint and anus often helps.
This is followed by the insertion of the big toe deep intoo her cameltoe to draw out the juices. Often followed by a root.
I wasn't in the mood to plunge, so I did stinktoe.
by Googles November 28, 2004
The act of toeing a man or womens anus, coating your big toe in feces
Dude so this girl was giving me a Hot carl and out of nowhere she stink toed me!!!
by Tom Carl December 06, 2008
a stink toe is when inserting your toe into somebodys ass
sim and dave inseted each others toes into each others ass and got stink toe
by twitchyshane October 23, 2008
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