i website that used to have some cool shit on it back in 98 but now its mostly porn ads
check out stileproject.com
by Damon August 08, 2003
Top Definition
an insanely popular adult tube site with porn/shock/funny videos, and a large picture area with some of the weirdest things known to man.
OMFG did you see that video of the guy putting the glass jar up his ass that shatters on stile project?
by mr beano January 07, 2010
An extensive porn advert repository.
"stileproject.com used to be ok"
by Luke Dawson May 06, 2004
a fansite for lovers of porn advertisements, misleading links, and goatse copycats. Often frequented by homosexual men, Stile Project has acquired a large following and continues to grow thanks to the majority of its fanbase failing to realize the site will only get worse.
stileproject has been gay for years! Let's all go to amplovesyou.net instead.
by Raul May 08, 2005
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