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1 an erection of the penis. see; boner, hard-on.
2 A strong drink, a double, esp. a double-bourbon-and-coke.
3 A plastic-cased 3.5-inch floppy disk, as opposed to the more flexable 5.25-inch floppy disk.
1 Oh man, I got a stiffy.
2 Gimme a stiffy and two pints.
3 Anoyone got a stiffy? I need one to save this file.
by Coxy November 29, 2004
the state a guy gets when sexually aroused; penis fills with blood and stands straight up and often makes a bulge through pants; boxers, etc. especially embarrasing for teenage boys who are turned on frequently and can't seem to control their boners
She was so hot that I popped a stiffie right there in class.
by Drexelsage January 02, 2004
when a guy looks at hot ass girl and gets MF hard...( while picturing her naked with those HUGE tits bouncing up and down)
I'm getting a big stiffie
by Johnny no name April 19, 2003
noun. erect penis
Austin says:
that stiffie is such a lesbian
Eli says:
Eli says:
wtf tommy XDDD
by Fruit Carver August 28, 2006
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