Something that sticks out kind of, and looks odd. Usually parts of the human body, but can refer to anything that sticks out. The word is used when you have a sudden feeling to call something sticky-outy. This is a word and always has been.
Whoa, your hip bones are kind of sticky-outy.
Your nose is kind of sticky-outy.
John: I fell down because that stick in the ground was really sticky-outy.
Anthony: No, sticky-outy isn't a word, you're a lier!
John: no I'm not, why do you hate me? I was told it is a word.
Anthony: By who?
John: Some connoisseur of words.
Anthony: I've been proven wrong, it seems that sticky-outy is a word and I will never question this word ever again.
by the italien stallion/Shelby March 06, 2007
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