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As you are about to release your load in a chick while doing her from the South end, you withdraw your utensil and make a healthy deposit on the small of her back. Before you lay down and fall asleep, you write your name or love note in the puddle as if you were finger painting. For greater visibility, take her to a club with black-lights afterwards.
I wanted to remind my bitch that I love her, so I gave her a sticky note.
by K White February 06, 2007
The process of ejaculating into a book, magazine, or other article and closing said book for the next person to find two pages stuck together.
Guy 1: "Dude check it out! This magazine was in the locker room!"
Guy 2: "Sweet man... Awww someone left a sticky-note inside it!"

"I've been waiting for this book to come out for months! I finally went and picked up a copy and when I got home someone had left a sticky-note in it!"
by Theweather January 15, 2015
Sticky Notes-
Greatest invention of all time.
Chuck Norris uses sticky notes when he is too lazy to do a roundhouse kick.
by Bob Dole Banannas May 25, 2006
The small piece of paper with stickyness on it that u right on and put on ur fore head to reming u of things
gimmie a sticky note
by Micah W September 09, 2003
The act of expressing one's gratitude to a prostitute/stripper/sex worker by ejaculating on the money.
Betty Boob: Kay, we're done, where's my money.

You: Give me five minutes to recharge and I'll give you a sticky note.
by yourmom20 May 12, 2009
When a guy has just finished gym class, with MASSIVE, SWEATY, STINKY balls, they stick to his legs, otherwise known as sticky note.
Dan was giggling while his balls melted to his legs, creating a Sticky Note.
by ilikebigvag September 18, 2008
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