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A female that is very good looking and way too nice at the same time.
Here comes sticky sweet, I gotta bone.
by bezel333 January 01, 2006
Adj. used to describe a person or persons who's sweetness is completely misleading and overcompensating for a deep underlying Mental issue that is not discovered until the "Sticky-Sweet" person or people have their "Sweetness" stuck all over you.
"I really wanted to be his friend but once he got jealous I realized he was Sticky-Sweet!"
"She's always there for me but sometimes it gets me in trouble socially because she is sticky-sweet."
"She calls me stuff like:Sweetie Pie,Hon,Honey,Baby Doll,Baby,Babe..she must be Sticky-Sweet!"
by Clintthetroll June 25, 2014
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