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The sexual act when a man wraps his genitalia in a crepe and covers it with a condom. After proceeding to have sex with the women, he pulls the cummy crepe out of the condom and shoves it down her throat.
After I gave marie the sticky piglet last night, she was gagging for 5 minutes...but at least she wasn't hungry anymore!
by johnshmoit November 25, 2009
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A sexual position involving a naked slightly porky lady bending over a table onto a silver platter. Her arms are bound behind her back with parcel twine and she has a shiney red apple in her mouth. After drizzling her with a generous helping of maple syrup a man rams her up the ass while she squeals little muffled squeals of joy, or pain... it matters not.
Dave ma blud, you iz not gunna believe the Sticky Piglet I did last night! She squealed so loud my neighbours called the fuzz.
by pigrussler November 13, 2011
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