When you sticker bomb something, It means you cover a surface with stickers (Normally graffiti stickers) to a point where the original surface is no longer visible, giving a sweet effect.
People normally sticker bomb cars or bikes.
Me: hey man! I saw your new bike, looks awesome man.
Friend: Thanks! I did a Sticker bomb on the plastics to make it look a bit better!
Me: awesome.
by The bro. April 04, 2014
A stickerbomb is a vehicle with decals and stickers placed anywhere and everywhere on the body to make it look like a professional race car. More often than not, a stickerbombed car is a piece of crap, much like a ricer.
Noob: "Hey, check out that car. It looks like it goes fast!"
Gearhead: "It doesn't, it's a ricer stickerbomb piece of shit."
by Lucariwhoa March 17, 2014

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