A comic written and illustrated by John Mitchell and Scott Longshore about three main characters:
*Steve-A smart ass, drama king from hell
*The Chosen One-A stupid, yet funny cliche' of characters in other stories, that are considered "chosen".
*Black guy-A stick man who is the same color as everyone else but has "soul" and an NWA attitude, he likes to shoot all of their enemies and more often, innocent bystanders.

These three characters help make the stupidest comic an extremely fun to read work of art.
Stick wars has a host of guests including; Jonny Applesead, Conan O'brien, Joel Goddard, Scott Longshore, John Mitchell, and many more!!!!!!!!
Stick wars is awesome!!!!!!!
by kingjohncutty January 27, 2006
Top Definition
A fight that happens between your morals and pocket books.
Joe: Hey Steve, I don't know if I should do the moral thing or the thing that will get me the most money.
Steve: Well man I guess it will have to come down to a stick war.
by tdieh September 05, 2009
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