gay-ass asian who thinks he is black but is actually very white. See "Neil"
Man look at that asian shizznit, he is such a stick-legs.
by DaFunness January 11, 2005
Top Definition
1) What you call the legs that people have...they're so skinny that you could snap them!
2) Also used as an insult to tell someone how skinny and frail their legs are.
1) Yo, Andrew Skinny Arms has stick legs! So do some other people!
2) Haha! You have stick legs! Why don't you eat some dessert!
by Home slice October 27, 2004
A parson who brings meaning tho the phrase looks are deceving. Skinny legs
WOW! Stick-legs!!! You are Awsome!!!!!!!!!
by DaFuness August 24, 2005
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