1. Phrase used when a n33b(dumbass scrub n00bster) complains about playing bad and makes up all kinds of excuses!
2. When you don't like someone while playing a game and even though they aren't saying anything you just want them to shut the fuck up.
n00b: I wonder why i've been doing bad all day...
n00b: I really am cal-main guys...
1337: STFU NOOB, no one gives a shit!

1337 pwner: whU R joo?
n00bert: Hi, it's my first day playing this game, How are you?
1337 pwner: STFU b1tch, and STFD no one cares b1tch!

#stfu #stfd #n33b #bish #b1tch #n00b #n00bert #pwn
by kshadius April 21, 2006
A term that faggots use who play on the internet way too much.
Masterbating fat ass playing Counter Strike: STUF NOOB!!!11!!!
by Matt January 06, 2005
People Who Blame Their Little Brother For Tryin The Game And Has Been Killed 47 Times
I_lick_dick:Ha Ha I Killed Some One By Glitch
ass_fucker: Dude Shut Up U Suckass
I_lick_dick: Ah Ah I Let My Little Brother On Always My Bitch And He Screwed Up....................
by Tyler July 21, 2004
A phrase we use to tell off noobs in online games like Counter Strike, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Day of Defeat.
L33tLarry: Yo you have 2 kills and 120 deaths boxman!
Boxman: I dont know how to play this game!
L33tLarry: STFU NOOB!
by Mike Kobi November 08, 2003
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