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the betchiest betch at da trin. necessary traits: a sassy strut, a provocative pout, and obviously a fucking flawless figure. a stevie carey has it all. girl's got her shit together. she can fucking drive a car while simultaneously reapplying a perfect coat of mascara and pretending to be too betchy to know all the words to an lmfao song (and she obviously does because a stevie carey has obviously raged with them at least once...fucking duh). a stevie carey can rock a velour juicy sweatsuit better than the hottest 7th grade betch circa 2004. a stevie carey knows when to be over et and when everyones gotta loves et.

...so betchy
ehmygawd that betch is so betchy she like totally IS stevie carey!
wait...betch...is tomorrow november 6th? ehmygawd lovesssettttt we're gonna fucking RAGE it's stevie carey's fucking birthday!! #betchiestdayoftheyear
omg im like so fucking over this post its like so not betchy. i like need an iced coffee fucking stat loveyahsteviebetchcareyhappybirthday
so betchy
by #birthdaybetch November 05, 2011