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A lightweight sub-machine gun used by British in World War II. Accronym for Shepherd,Turpin, and Enfield
by Disco Stu October 01, 2003
A cocktail which is basically a Rum Collins with Blue Curacao and Peach Schnapps.
Bartender: Excuse me, would you like another sten?

You: Of course!
#cocktail #schnapps #rum #sten #drunk
by StenDrinker October 21, 2009
The small truck manufactured by Chevy. Used most commonly in the midwest.
Did you see that sten get plowed by that train?
#truck #chevy #crap wagon #gmc #poor man's pussy wagon
by Kevin Sargeant December 24, 2005
A wanabe who knows there a wanabe, People that think they are hardcore or brootal or neeks who think there cool because they call other people neeks.
Alex : Err you see thatt katy innit girl
Laura: yeah shes such a sten
#sten #greeb #neek #katy #innit #brootal #hxc #wanabe
by Lauraa and Alex March 31, 2008
a young boy with the tendancy to:
a) relate everything in terms of athleticism
b) be a very loving boy who sometimes does not think before he says/acts
c) and then apologize and take it back
a couple weeks ago nic lane continued to tell sten not to hook up with alexus, sten then repeatedly gamed on alexus and gave nic lane a play by play on how their relationship was going. he then hooked up with her and lost all his friends. then said sorry. and years later he was forgiven. the end.
#asshole #stubborn #unathletic #in-a-boot #overly-competitive
by ahahahahjohnnyandie March 06, 2009
Sexually transmitted "ewww" Nasty

Another word for STD
Aye I just seen Timmy and he told me he got a S-Ten from his girl
#aids #hiv #sex #sexually #transmitted
by Miranda Marks November 07, 2007
biggest swedish man whore that has ever originated from maryland and almost hooked up with mc, is a huge home depot that makes babies with big lots. homoslut (!) and has a downward dog that makes me hard. along with his headband and calf high socks
everyday, we see this kid walking at school and he makes us cream; his name is sten.
#tool #homo #hard #downward dog #swedish #home depot #orgasmic
by anamses February 12, 2008
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