The world's #1 diet plan bar none. All you need is some crack and a stem to smoke it with. Guaranteed results
but brush those fucking teeth for sure!
Hey ain't dat Lashawnda walkin down da screet?
Yo dats her, but dat bitch dun lost sum ass!
She must be on dat stem-fast diet.
#slim fast #jenny crack #richard stemmons #extra cracky #crack
by Jimmy-jam-da-viper-man August 12, 2009
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Top Definition
a result of crack addiction where the user neglects food and becomes very thin
(like slim fast, only with a crack stem)
take a look at that skinny motherfucker askin people for change, dude's gotta be on stem fast
#crack #stem #fiending #rock #skinny
by peanuts and corn May 04, 2006
use of cocaine and a glass pipe to loose weight in a rapid time
that chick is got to be on the stemfast
#diet #abuse of cocaine #weight loss #to get skinny #drop some weight
by Glenn H November 08, 2006
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