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The band Lost and Found's attempt to translate "Rock on!" into German. They just litterally translated the German words for rock (Stein) and on (auf) and thought that would do the trick. But "Stein auf" has no cool meanings in German and actually refers to a literal rock that is literally on something. It conveys the same basic feeling as saying "Stone on top of" in English. It's pretty funny, especially if you're a native English speaker learning German, or if you just like the band.
Ich habe einen Stein auf meinem Tisch! (I have a rock on my table/ I have a stone on top of my table.)

Hey, Mann, Stein auf! (Hey man, stone on top of!)
by Ben Carnehl March 30, 2006
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Lost and Found (band) was playing in Germany and wanted to say Rock on, in german, and they didn't know how to, so they said stein auf, until they were told they were actually saying "Stone on top of", and so they had to convince everyone says (in america) STONE ON TOP OF!!!
At end of concert, band would yell STEIN AUF!!!! (for rock on)

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