Shreddin' the gnar with style n eaze. This act is enhanced by laid back tunes, nice gear, a chill attitude, and marijuana.
Hey bro, lets roll off into the woods and smoke a bowl then start steezin through the park.
by Spencer Eggmire December 31, 2009
Top Definition
pimpin'; pullin' the best shit u got; chillin'
steezin fo no reason
by Jessica Kelly November 29, 2003
Stylin on cats with eaze.
"Yo them Outsiders nigga are steezin' on em".
by FuckSoulo November 22, 2010
smooth and easy
fresh and with good flow
dude, that move was super steezin

<verb> im gunna steez on over here
by CarWolfgangBart February 11, 2009
1. Killing it or throwing down so hard on a snowboard its ridiculous.
2. Having mad style while snowboarding.
RJ just did a Wild Cat over that 50 footer, he was steezin it fo-sho.

by GNUMN October 14, 2008
Throwing down lots of good tricks on a snowboard.
You see that cab 9 i just pulled? I'm steezin for no reason.
by Kum and Go February 25, 2003
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