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Someone who is an asshole for no apparent reason; A highly unliked character. One who fails to realize they have no friends; Someone who lives a shower-deprived life.
Mike, stop being an asshole, you're turning into a Steadman.
by Jos. A. Bank June 21, 2010
26 10
1.) n. Man who makes less than his spouse.
2.) n. Man who is outshined by his spouse's accomplishments.
You better ask for a raise, you don't want to be a steadman.
by andywebs August 26, 2005
36 22
1. a man joined in a long-term, heterosexual, monogamous relationship to a woman without being married to her, often due to the woman's desire to hold off on matrimony (sometimes indefinitely).
2. an unmarried male spouse
My steadman and I have been together for 13 years and that's four times as long as my parents were married!
by Angela Carrington August 04, 2005
29 20
A older man who is not married to his partner, but is too old to be referred to as a boyfriend.

As in Oprah and Steadman.
I went to dinner with my mom and her steadman the other day. He's very cool.
by wordhawk January 21, 2011
3 2