Sub-national pride.
Victorians and New South Welshmen constantly bitch about one-another. It's statriotism at its finest.

South Australians really hate Victorians. They're SOOO statriotic!

Western Australians call the rest of the country 'The Eastern States'. If that's not statriotism, I don't know what is!
by Adzification January 12, 2011
Top Definition (STAY-tree-ah-ti-sm)

Loyalty or devotion to a state; as expressed by a statriot.
Smoking Winstons fills the North Carolina native with an overwhelming sense of statriotism.
by P, B, B, D & J April 25, 2007
A fierce sense of loyalty to one's home state, coined from "STATe" + "patRIOTISM"
This loyalty, such as that expressed by New Yorkers, Californians or (God forbid!) Texans, may even surpass one's love of nation.
New Yorkers showed fierce statriotism just after September 11th, especially through bearing the slogan "I (Heart) NY"
by Aquila January 14, 2005

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