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First off the word is spelled wrong you dumb fuck! It should be strawberry shortcake. I tried to add the correct spelling, but was unable!
Definition: When a guy cums on a girls face and then punches her in the nose, making it bleed and the blood mixes in with the cum.
I really wanted to slam it home on that cunt with a nice dirty sanchez, but had to settle for a strawberry shortcake instead.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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Just before reaching orgasm during oral sex, pull yourself out of her mouth, punch her in the nose, and jizz on her bloody face.
I wanted to tell the bich I was done with her, so I gave her a strawberry shortcake and kicked her ass out.
by K Cup March 04, 2003
A strawberry shortcake is actually when a man has sex with a woman on her period and pulls out to nut all over her vagina causing a whipped cream and strawberry effect. The barber pole is when a woman is going down on a guy and nuts on her face as he punches her in the nose. Also referred to as the candy cane.
I wasn't in the mood for sex, but my boyfriend suggested the strawberry shortcake, which enticed my sweet-tooth.
by marissa bauer April 02, 2005
a chick who gives alot of head and thinks she is good at it
banni is a strawberry shortcake!
by starfish February 18, 2003

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