An immense collection of very light elements. A star is over 95% hydrogen with trace amounts of helium, oxygen, carbon, and other heavy elements. The star derives its energy from a thermonuclear reaction initieted by the pressure created by the gravitational pull of the gasses inward. A star will burn for millions if not billions of years before the hydrogen supply is depleted and the star's nuclear fusion reaction fails. The star will then explode and remove an outer layer of gasses and then collapse into a dense state. Average stars collapse into Dwarf Stars while massive ones form neutro stars of black holes.
Stars are not made of methane!!!!!!!
by X-45B23 July 14, 2006
(one of the) main actor(s) in a film
Angelina Jolie was the star of Tomb Raider.
by Mainul October 29, 2008
Love of your life
star isnt that what you said what'd you think this song was about
by Jessica LoveHewitt September 28, 2003
Code word for "I'm about to cum"
by meglovin2595 April 02, 2011
1. STupid Ass Retard
2. An actual class that you can take in highschool & is called S.T.A.R. You have to pay a ridiculously large sum of money in order to be in it. You can only get in if you have a learning disability (ex: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, etc.). It's basicly a study hall except you get extra help in it & you get more time on tests/quizzes.
"You should be in ST.A.R... you know, a class for STupid Ass Retards."
by Kay eMma C. March 18, 2008
Used to describe horoscopes. Usually found in tabloid newspapers.
"Turn to p. 30 I want to check me stars"
by sylvy September 23, 2006
1. A plane figure with three or more points.

2. A celebrity or one who is spectacular in a particular field.

3. A distant sun or planet appearing in the night sky as a point of light.

4. An anus.
1. Kelly dots her i's with little stars. I think she needs her medications adjusted.

2. Can you believe George Lopez is a star? How does that guy keep getting work?

3. That reddish looking star over there is actually the planet Mars.

4. When I was having sex with Jenni doggy-style, looking down at her star really turned me on.
by Uvula February 16, 2010
A refferral to the star logo of converse shoes. Converse = stars
Crease up my khakis n lace up my stars
by Goddamn i cant get a username August 15, 2005

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