A shit so magnificent that when let loose it undoubtedly clogs the toilet. Not only does the rank of this shit flow out of the batheroom and into other rooms...but in nearly every case in releasing this magnificent shit it leads to having to call the carpet company Stanley Steamer to have them remove the shit stains on the carpets caused by the original outstanding dump that not only clogged the toilet but got on the carpet.
"You bastard you let loose a Stanley Steamer again..Call them up..speed dial number 4 ass hole"
#crap #stinky stool #record setting shit #dump #poop
by Jack P Davis April 08, 2008
when you see an older woman with a real tight body, meaning she is real old as is the stanley steamer
Wow check out that Stanley Steamer walking over there
#she's a steamer #thats a cougar #old bitch #old bat #old goat
by Joe Broney February 11, 2008
When two people on a cold winter day and/or night, go outside with a cup of warm/hot water and straw in hand. One of them pulls their butt out, while the other proceeds to put the water in their mouth, then blow into the anus of the other with the straw, then have it farted back into their face in a clean, warm, and steamy mist.
"My face feels so dry and itchy when it gets cold outside like this, would you mind giving me a Stanley Steamer?"
"You know what's better than sitting inside watching MTV's Teen Mom? Going outside and giving each other Stanley Steamers!!!"
#fart #butt #stanley #steamer #straw #poop #mist #water #winter #daniel tosh
by Themostgiftedpenis-of-them-all January 06, 2012
when a man takes a dump in a vaccume and sucks it in and hits the eject button onto partners face
George: Bob gave a stanley steamer to veronica
#shit #fuck #sex #vaccume #poop
by jefforey mclongshaft April 19, 2011
The act of getting off in your partners bush and then proceeding to suck the goo from their pubic hair as if you were steam cleaning their crotch.
Lisa's bush was looking kind of rough today so i gave her a good ole Stanley Steamer.
#stanley #steamer #stanley steamer #vacuum #bush
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009
A person who eats stinky fishy pussy to get it clean!
Stanley Steamer gets carpets cleaner.
#carpet muncher #muff diver #pussy #lame #nasty
by 1337 Sauce! February 25, 2009
When a man is receiving a blowjob from behind, between his legs, and he simultaneously farts and orgasms on the face of the blow-jobbing party, effectively filling the mouth with man's milk and the nose with putrid methane.

In the family of terms referring to lascivious, sometimes humorous sexual acts, i.e. hot carl.
Last Valentine's day, I delivered a potent stanley steamer to Julie.
#stanley #steamer #blowjob #hot carl #rusty trombone #rusty #trombone #hot #carl #fart #ejaculate
by Christoph Sasylor February 26, 2008
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