One of the most prestigious law schools in the United States, which also happens to be located in a paradise-like climate in Northern California. Stanford Law School is where you will find a small class of genius students where the average admit has a near-perfect LSAT score, a near-perfect GPA, work experience the rest of us could only hope for, and a generally laid back (non-prestige whore) mindset which allowed them to turn down offers from numerous other schools such as Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. A Stanford lawyer will be just as successful as a student from any one of these other schools, but he/she will also have enjoyed their 3 years of law school much more than a student from elsewhere. Also, an important note... Stanford Law students in general are pretty damn attractive.
Person 1: Did you hear that Bill got into Stanford law?
Person 2: What?!?! He is going to get a world class education while living in paradise. He will be a rich, elitist, power-lawyer who will absolutely dominate in whatever field of law he chooses to pursue after graduation, and he will likely make a significant positive impact on the world as well!
by BillManger October 20, 2013

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