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It's the biggest fucking duck that Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan, the best fucking drummer EVER, has ever seen. Jimmy, the drummer for Avenged Sevenfold and Pinkly Smooth, tried to chase a Stallion Duck but failed. Jimmy is still hunting that FUCKING duck to this very day, in his little piece of heaven. God bless you Jimmy, and God Hates You, Stallion Duck. Its not afraid AT ALL. NOT FUCKING AFRAID AT ALL. Keep chasing it Jimmy, foREVer. A7X.
Jimmy: I'm fucking coming for you, fucking stallion duck!

Stallion Duck: ...
by TheOneWhoMissesTheRev. June 04, 2011
large duck resembling a stallion
also not afraid at all!
"Fucking stallion duck."
"It's not afraid AT ALL"
by bob swartengerman February 07, 2009