someone, most likeley a woman, who continues to contact you with a slightly obsessive tone
ay yo, michelle be a stalker, she text me everyday
by frankalicious123 January 27, 2012
A stalker is someone who knows all about one person, yet the other person knows nothing about them. Stalkers find out their victim's phone number, address, family members' names and ages, etc. They follow them around school, try to listen in on their conversations, check their profile online, and make it their goal to find out as much information about their victim as possible. Stalkers are very creepy.
Jacob: UGH!!! It's that girl again! How does she find me everywhere!?
Brian: Dude, she's definitely a stalker.
by yesiamcrazy November 13, 2011
Your Ex-Boyfriend. IE. throwing rocks at your windown at 3:30 am. The Guy who makes you think, "what was i thinking?" Down right creepy.
Gosh Alyssa, is he really still doing that. Hes such a stalker. Gross.
by Alyssa Crosby January 13, 2006
a person who follows you around knowing that you don't want them there. Also leaves notes on your car and drops by your house uninvited.
Rachel Rene Baker is a fucking stalker!!
by Billy Joe June 25, 2004
Your very own Personal Fan
Get out of here, Stalker.
by ThePearl January 06, 2014
A creepy girl who is obsessed with someone to the point of insanity and you will always see them doing one of the followings, eg. hiding behinds wall, cars, bushes, shop.
I didn't really know why would there be people who stalk others until I became one. I was a stalker when I was in middle school. There was this guy whom I thought was really hot, handsome. He was attractive in so many ways so I decided to stalk him. I found at the his favourite place after school was at a shopping mall so I went there with my friends hoping to catch him hanging around there. A stalker would appear to be very creepy, they will be hiding behind walls, cars, and many places and the stalker would use many kinds of ways just to know where their victim live, their phone number and where they are going.
by xxthedefinitionwriterxx May 17, 2013
when you're looking through you're pictures on a camera, (s)he's the person watching you from behind.
wow.... i don't remember him being in the picture! stalker....
by so true its not even funny. May 27, 2010

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