a creepy old guy that stalks hot teens
why is this old creepy guy always folowing me that damn mofo
by fil April 03, 2005
Someone who follows another person around, becoming obsessed with that person, eg collecting hair, taking photos, observing them with binoculars etc.
Jack's such a stalker
Stalkee:"Jack what are you doing?"
Jack:(emits squeaking noise and moves further away to continue stalking)
by JASANTIA March 09, 2006
Someone who looks through all your photos but doesn't comment.
Pablo: Dude, Jenna has this cute fluffy pillow. I always wanted one of those!
Paco: How do you know about that? Stalker.
Pablo: Uhh uhh well... Well how do you know about that!
Paco: Uhh...
by losersquaredthatsme March 14, 2009
someone who knows everything about some one but denies it and secretly wants them
Man it must suck to be jessie ben is always stalkng her
by kodish August 29, 2003
Stalker; Birchy.
one who hides in toasters, bushes, ur garden, random objects and likes to cut ur hair whilst u sleep and make a belt. he has a monobrow and pats it whilst saying his name over and over again in the bushes while he breathes heavily when he sees you, but u dont see him. also seen wearing an indian head dress or as a cat. he wants u to be his bride. if u happen to see him, he will reply with "oh shit they saw me"
birchy-"hehhhh... birchy, be my bride, all for the birchmeister, ur hair will make a great belt"
girl-"omg birchy! get out of my toaster! and omg wheres my hair gone and why am i wearing a wedding dress made from leaves and mono hair?"
by cky666 August 05, 2005
Stalkers are creeps - Ignore: They pester you till you delete them. Delete: They send you a request and ask why you deleted them. Block: They add you on other social networks. - They just never quit!
The stalkers hunt you down and drive you crazy. Stalkers are on all social networks and that is creepy.
by Shinpi January 17, 2011
What every kid thinks of another when a peer says hi in the halls. . . it's said WAY too much, and its stupid, because stalking is a serious issue, and its friggin scary as hell. So I've seen in the news & on TV shows.

Actually, it is when a male or female, of any age, becomes fixed on a certain person or group, usually an individual, though. They do anything associated with this person; buying items the victim owns, watching them/following them, attempting contact through technology (phones, internet, xbox, etc.), and many more ways. The stalker wants to know everything possible about the person, so they do their research. Once they really 'grow' on the person (getting used to looks & habits), when change is made, they either become hostile or move on to a different target. Stalking can take place in any environment, any age, and for a long period of time, or in opposite, a very short time. Not all cases of stalking have murderous or sexual purposes, most cases have no motive at all. Stereotypically, the stalker may be an ex-partner of the victim. Underage stalking has an even bigger punishment . ..
~Brother: Maddie, dude your such a stalker! Poor Justin Bieber...

-8 year old sister: Nuh uh! You liarrr!

~Brother: Must we review what happened after the concert three months ago? Yes, I believe we do; you hid in his bathroom, waited until he finished his CD signing. Then you popped out of the shower as he was dropping a shit? That wasn't cool...

-8 year old sister: I am not! He's just wicked hot, and I want to marry him, and I want him to take my virginity away!:D

~Brother: o.O
by Kingfishahh(; December 28, 2010

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