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Portmanteau of "stagnation" and "date". A relationship plateau which happens somewhat inevitably in every dating relationship, wherein the romance basically boils down to small talk and the same old boring jokes and phrases.

Deep inside, the male part(s) of the equation (if present) usually just want to cut the crap and get on with the smexy time. In contrast, female part(s) of the equation (if present) usually want to get back into an active relationship again. If denied, the female may just break up with her partner and leave it at that. Stagdation is usually unavoidable and is notoriously hard to remove oneself from.
Partner A: So, the... uh weather's pretty good. We should go for a walk and then maybe get an iced latte or something. And I have reservations to Olive Garden for tomorrow... maybe we can meet your friends.

Partner B: <thought><tuneout>Damnit, this used to be fun with him... I gotta find a way outta this stagdation plateau.</tuneout></thought>

Both: <thought>Why doesn't he/she cut the crap and skip to the smexy time?</thought>
by Aruscio August 23, 2010
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