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guy school where the only way they get girls to look at em is letting em free into their dances. No boys schools allowed at dances; would make competition too fierce, cuz the only girls they would be able to hit on are the slutty ncs or holten girls, cuz all the awesome girls (stone ridge DUH!) would be w/ the hottt landon and mater dei guys
st. anselms: this sux. all we got are the ncs girls, and theyll do anything for money. theyre not even hot!

mater dei: you get the sluts, and i get the smart hot ones!!HAHAHA
by liger3000 October 11, 2004
A school that can't compete with St Albans, Landon, Prep, or Gonzaga on athleticism, wealth, girls, or good looks.
An abbey boy likes to study not party. He likes to play video games not sports. He likes to hit on Stone Ridge whores not NCS girls.
by glad i dont go to anselms July 27, 2004