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The gayest school that D.C. has to offer. The "guys" who attend the flaming school have never had girlfriends and have to pay girls to go out with them. Because they always get turned down by girls they've turned homo on each other and fuck each other. These dickless wonders that we refer to as "Gay Mother-fuckers" a.k.a St. Anselms Fags all give each other head. They are all ugly.. so motherfucking ugly. I feel bad for the girls who have been in contact with these flamers because. Funny thing is.. I am an Anselm Guy! Fuck Me fellow classmates of '05!!
" Look! A St. Anselm Guy is fucking his mom because that is the only woman that will give him the time of day!"
by Ben M. July 28, 2004
A school that can't compete with St Albans, Landon, Prep, or Gonzaga on athleticism, wealth, girls, or good looks.
An abbey boy likes to study not party. He likes to play video games not sports. He likes to hit on Stone Ridge whores not NCS girls.
by glad i dont go to anselms July 27, 2004