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the nerdiest school on the planet that no one has heard of often confused with saint albans. we are really uncool people and proud of it. our vocabulary consists of primarily three words skeet cock and penis because we are also gay.
st. anslems guy: hey wats up
girl:what school do u go
st. anselms guy: Saint anselms's
girl: o u mean saint albans
st. anselms guy: yea...i am smarter than u because thats wat im told
girl: u are a gay nerd
St. anselms guy: skeet penis cock
by father peter February 07, 2005
19 83
A school that can't compete with St Albans, Landon, Prep, or Gonzaga on athleticism, wealth, girls, or good looks.
An abbey boy likes to study not party. He likes to play video games not sports. He likes to hit on Stone Ridge whores not NCS girls.
by glad i dont go to anselms July 27, 2004
29 101