A "private" school in Columbus, they take anyone that is willing to pay, and it is located in the ghetto of Columbus, they try to act like the people that go to a real private school like CSG. All desales care about is the students athletic eligibility. They also steal kids from public schools so if a kid is any good, watch out, desales will most likely offer them a full scholarship, so, if you are wondering why your public sports team isn't any good, desales probably took the good kids, so now all your 1st stringers are gone, and you suck.. THANKS DESALES!!!
by Annalee Hamilton September 10, 2009
Top Definition
a large building that specialties in child torture and manipulation, residing in the Adelaide Hills. St Francis guarantees you no individual choices, and promises to brainwash your children into brainless little clones.
Girl: so what did you so this week at st francis de sales college?
Boy: eh not much. the usual..i got raped by like 10 of my teachers
by nekodueee March 15, 2009
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