High school in Holmdel New Jersey filled with attention whores, assholes, rich people, rapists, small boobs (with a few exceptions), and also some cases of herpes have been reported over the years. All the teachers belong in the circus with the exception the history department and some gym teachers. you're popular if you have money or if you're a slut. Boys sports are shit so girls have to make up for their slack (which makes them lesbians) you can find the students at D@ $tR@t making fools of themselves, while it is ruined for actual matawaians. This school is ridicuously cheap, it costs 9,000 a year and a penny of it is never seen again. Mike 'the Situation' Sorrentino spent his freshman year at sjv..he left.
Chad: Are you going to the St John Vianney Thanksgiving game?
Matthew: Fuck no they're playing Matawan!
Chad: LOL
by Treeshaz November 29, 2010
Top Definition
lesbian capitol of the world. high school in nj where 1 out of every 1 girl is a lesbian, ud think this is sweet, but, they are hideous.
yo check that guy with the sjv football jacket...oh wait thats a chick!
by joebob56 March 21, 2005
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