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The real deal. The truth.
What's the squizz on your momma?
by ddigital June 03, 2006
14 25
Slang for "taking a look" at something.
Person, "My leg hurts!"

Doctor friend, "Here, let me have a squizz."
by G-knee-yes October 20, 2011
34 1
Female ejaculation
I was having a 69 with my girlfriend last night and she squizzed in my face, the bed was like a puddle.
by Lo Anne March 06, 2012
2 11
Another way of saying the word 'pussy' as in:

A) a vagina

B) someone who lacks confidence or courage
"Dude, she was totally naked. I could see her squizz and everything!"

"Come on man, stop being such a squizz and steal that car!"
by squizzer101 March 05, 2012
0 10
The act of cumming (jizzing) and squirting at the same time.
Yeah man, I squizzed all over that chick last night
by screwit. May 24, 2011
6 18
Projectile breast milk, usually fired with precision
She just squizzed him from 10 feet away!
by Tyler Klaus October 15, 2006
15 27
a rare variety of bird, commonly found in Djibouti (pronounced squizz)
I greatly enjoy consuming squizz. This is because I have no brain or moral sense, so I automatically assume it's fine to eat stuff that's not human, and moreover, were I to know that that may not be alright, I wouldn't care. Yayz.
by Sqwertz April 30, 2008
9 22