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to dive, such as a flying squirrel, spread eagle and naked onto an unsuspecting bystander or friend. Also can be performed on one's bed or belongings.
Mikey likes to squirrel dive onto Shane's pillow at Devil's Head.
by Cal City Crew March 25, 2004
when you run into a room, leap, spread out your limbs like a flying squirrel and belly flop as you take up the whole bed.

Most of the time this is done while the bed is being occupied. Waking the victim in their once peaceful slumber and possibly digging an elbow into their side in the process.

If you are a sibling you are probably very familiar with this move, not only used to annoy one another but I'm sure it is also practiced in hotel rooms when siblings are jumping from bed to bed.
On Christmas my little brother was so excited to open presents that he squirrel dived me at 8 in the morning.
by B00gle December 13, 2011
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