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1- A group of people; refering to a clique which excludes the lazy and overly self-confident
Dude, did you here about the Squangle that kicked that one guy's ass?
by Bitchieygurl13 July 09, 2004
Used in technical angle measuring.

A square angle = squangle.
i just googled aquangle and all i got was pictures of lousy measuring instruments.
by Gabriel Crowe July 26, 2005
1.) A combination of the words 'triangle' and 'square'.

2.) Homosexuals who walk to eachothers' houses at 4 am.
1.) *stroaking goatee* Sir, I believe that shape is called a 'Squangle'.

2.) Lame Guy A: Why is that lesbo walking down the street at 4 in the freaking morning?

Lame Guy B: Because she's a squangle, DUH.
by alyssacorexcore January 06, 2008
to mess up, make a mistake
damn it, I've squangled it again
by jambo January 25, 2004